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Rental Policy

We strive to provide the best rental costumes & accessories to our customers. Items are rented ‘As Is’ so please make sure you are happy with your selection prior to renting the item. NO REFUNDS are given at any time.

Rental Terms & Conditions:

1. All rentals are for a period of 3 days. Extra days will result in additional charges. Late charges fee will be advised upon the return of the costume to Jom Fiesta Sdn. Bhd.

2. Renter may reserve the item(s) in advance by paying the partial amount of rental or full amount of rental (to be advised) at the time of the reservation. Terms nd conditions of the reservation must comply to this rental policy and any other terns and conditions of the reservation will be advised by Jom Fiesta Sdn. Bhd, during reservation

3. Renter agrees that all rentals are 1st come, 1st served & that if full cost of the rental has not been paid then items will not be held.

4. Renter assumes all responsibility for being aware of store hours & agree that failure to be aware of store hours does not relieve renter of any late fees or for any additional charges if rented items are picked up early.

5. Renter agrees to not use ANY type of tape, glue, staples, pins or any object on rental items or to alter rental items in any way without express written permission of Jom Fiesta Sdn. Bhd.

6.  Renter is responsible for full cost of damages(including tape, glue or staple removal) to any item rented, up to & including full cost of replacement of damaged item(This includes shipping cost).

7. Renter agree that neither Jom Fiesta nor its employees is(are) liable in any way for the actions of the renter or anyone the renter allows to use the rented item(s).

8. Renter agrees to return all packaging & hangers & assumes responsibility for the cost of replacing damaged or missing material.

9. Booking fee shall be deemed as deposit and will be subjected to this rental policy.

9. Renter agrees that there will be absolutely NO REFUND of ANY fees for ANY reason. Substitutions or use of rental items on days other than those shown on the contract are solely at the discretion of Jom Fiesta Sdn. Bhd.

10. Renter agrees that any rental fees, late fees, extended rental fees, etc. do(es) not apply to any damages fees or that any rental fees, late fees, extended rental fees, damage fees, etc. do(es) not apply to any purchase price.

11. Renter must check the condition of the costume and notify Jom Fiesta Sdn. Bhd. before leaving Jom Fiesta Sdn. Bhd.'s premise the condition of the costume upon commencement of rental of the costume.

12. If renter fails to check for existing damages on the costume and/or missing items from the costume and fails to notify Jom Fiesta Sdn. Bhd. before leaving Jom Fiesta Sdn. Bhd.'s premise, Jom Fiesta Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to incur charges for any damages found on the costume when the costume is returned.