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Bruce Banner is a liability. The Avengers know it, but that's why Tony Stark stepped it up and made a suit that can handle the giant green powerhouse, just in case he goes out of control. It's a lot more humane than putting him on a rocket ship with a one-way ticket to the other end of the universe! This Adult Deluxe Hulk Buster Iron Man Avengers 2 Costume recreates the suit seen in the Age of Ultron movie, so you'll be ready to tangle with any big superhero who's on a rampage.

  • 100% polyester fabric, 100% polyurethane foam
  • Jumpsuit fastens with Velcro at center back
  • Foam armor pieces on chest, shoulders and forearms
  • All-over graphic of armor details
  • Shoe covers have elastic bands under foot
  • Mask has elastic security band, interior foam pad for comfort
Costume Size
Standard Chest 44" - 46" Torso 34" Length 60"

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