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Dark Alice Deluxe Plus Size Costume

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Alice in Wonderland is such a Pollyanna, right? She's always thinking everyone is nice and sweet, just like her. Little miss perfect, thinking she's such a goody two shoes. She's got two shoes, big deal! And why is she trying to make nice with everyone? If you were Alice, you'd be running the entirety of Wonderland by the end of the week! That queen of hearts would find herself out of a job (and without a head!). And that white rabbit? Always running late, always hopping away, but not with you around. You'd skin that little guy and enjoy a delicious meal for dinner with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare (oooh, another rabbit who might make a delicious meal if he crosses you!). And who plays croquet anyway? With flamingos no less. You're not playing croquet in your new kingdom. Instead, you're playing roller derby and listening to Emo music.

That's right, it's time for Alice to go dark. No more miss nice Alice. You want to see what's in the dark underbelly of Wonderland? Well come along and find out. You're not painting the roses red, you're painting them black, like the color of your soul (and the color of this dress!). You're going to show the Cheshire Cat what true mischief is. It's time to go through the looking glass, Alice. But you're not just going through, you're going to smash that looking glass to pieces. You're a dangerous woman, and you do what you want.

Costume Size
Plus Size Chest 37" - 40" Waist 34" - 38" Length 35"

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