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We all remember when Alice fell down that rabbit hole and ended up in Wonderland, but through it all she was so naive and innocent about everything. Like she just trusted the Cheshire Cat for literally no reason. Had she even met a cat before that? Cats are so conniving and manipulative! And the weirdest thing is that Alice had a pet cat, Dinah, so how did she not know to be suspicious of the Cheshire Cat? Maybe she was just too busy running after that white rabbit all around the town. Whatever it is, all we know is that eventually she finds herself in front of the queen about to lose her head. Fortunately, Alice escapes.

This costume is like Alice coming back to Wonderland and she's grown up and sexy and maybe those flowers are rude to her and then she's like "bye, Felicia" and pulls the flowers up by their roots. Right? This version of Alice is Queen Alice. She found Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum and probably had them executed. Because that's just how ruthless she is now! Enough of nice, sweet Alice. Enough eating mysterious things that make her shrink or grow. She's over that nonsense and she's laying down the law. You wouldn't think she'd become a cruel and terrible despot, but you know what they say about absolute power. And now it's your chance to grab that power, so that all who look upon you will tremble and know that you are great and terrible and could smite them with a flick of your wand. But you will allow them to take in all your grandeur... at least for now...

Costume Size
Small Chest 32" - 34" Waist 27" - 29" dress length 29"
Medium Chest 34" - 36" Waist 28" - 30" dress length 32"

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