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Sexy Viking Adult Boots

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This is for you Native Girls, Barbaric Vikings, and Sassy Aviators. Kick it girl! These Sexy Viking Adult Boots are almost too stylish to wear with costumes alone! Are you hoping to transform yourself into an Indian maiden, Eskimo, or Elvish warrior? What about just a super-stylish woman who wants to wear something that really makes a statement? Whatever your plan; Halloween, costume party, science fiction convention or just a night out on the town with girlfriends, these boots will get you noticed. Think trendy lace-up combat boots, but literally revved up. Laces that reach all the way up to the top of the boot, combined with plush, far-from-skimpy fur trim at the top, and a skinny, sexy heel make this pair something you’d expect to find at an exclusive fashionable shoe store rather than a costume shop.
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