60's Musician Wig Adult

60’s Musician Wig Adult

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60's Musician Wig Adult

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A retro style sure to cause a rock n roll revolution!
Drop your kitchen mop and swap it for this mop top!
Grab a guitar, a snug fitting funky blazer jacket, some round eyeglasses and top it off with this mop top 60’s Musician Wig Adult and you’re good to go, man. This men’s wig puts the fun in funky and is great for Halloween, plays, musicals and just goofing around, and its also a better option than trying to dye that kitchen mop you’ve had sitting around for ages. While you’re trying to get your time machine working to take you back to 1964, maybe you’ll cause your own revolution of screaming music fans in your real-looking wig! Just try to keep it totally groovy, baby!

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