Annabelle: Creation Annabelle Deluxe Costume

Annabelle: Creation Annabelle Deluxe Costume

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A terrifying and haunted doll that is reeking of evil and bad omens, this could very well be one of the creepiest and scariest dolls in the history of movies (well, her and also Chucky). Turn yourself into the haunted doll and scare the living wits out of others at the Halloween party. Introducing the Annabelle: Creation Deluxe Costume. Become the doll and arrive to the party in a giant box. Once the other guests open it up and see what’s inside, they are already in for a scare. Or, after you arrive to the party, sit up on a chair and try not to move a muscle. Creepy? Sure is! Watch how people try to compliment your excellent choice, but you still don’t move. Then, you slowly begin to turn your head to them, and their expression starts to change. No one can blame them, really. Terrifying enough, it will definitely pack that extra scare factor for those who have seen the movie and are a little bit more familiar with the doll.

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