Athenian Goddess Wig - Blonde

Athenian Goddess Wig – Blonde

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Athenian Goddess Wig - Blonde

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Become the Goddess Athena!
You won’t have to break out of Zeus’ head to be like Athena!
Become the summit of beauty and love when you wear this luxurious Athenian Goddess Wig – Blonde. Men are going to want to spend the whole night pouring you wine and admiring your beauty when they catch sight of you in this sumptuous and flowing wig, a stunning compliment to any Grecian Goddess costume, from Aphrodite to Athena. Both the Greeks and Romans prized blonde hair over any other hair color and this style evokes the pinned-up and curled tresses seen in ideals of Greek and Roman beauty that are found depicted in ancient statues, vessels for oil and wine, and friezes.

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