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Do you think all medieval peoples just love the “velvet cape with fur shoulders” look? We admit, it does look incredibly badass and cool, but you have to wonder how it came to be such a popular style. Like for hundreds of years everyone is just wearing fur skins, then someone’s like “what if these were made out of velvet” and clothing is born. But then eventually they miss the furs so they’re like “what if we combined velvet andfurs?!” Whoever suggested that was probably burned at the stake as a heretic, because that’s what used to happen when people had great ideas (RIP to whoever thought of peanut butter & jelly. You did well, young squire… you did well), but eventually someone actually tried it and boom, a fashion icon was born. And looking back, it seems like such an obvious combination! Fur for your shoulders and velvet for your back. That kind of cape is the like the original mullet.

Or maybe this look is like the blue jeans of our time. Goes with everything, incredibly common, never goes out of style. And now’s your chance to get in on that classic style without a time machine. Wow them with your fashion sense when you show up looking like the dragon warrior burning inside you, just waiting for an actual dragon to show up so you can show everyone your sword skills. Because maybe we’re wrong, maybe it’s not the cape but the man who wears it. Unsheathe your sword, good sir. Now is your time!