Gorgeous Gladiator Costume

Gorgeous Gladiator

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Gorgeous Gladiator Costume

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Just because you fight in the pit doesnt mean you have to give up all sense of self and style: the best gladiators can maintain personal style and be great fighters. Thus we have the Gorgeous Gladiator Womens Costume: function and beauty, combined. This costume blends a flattering dress style with mimicry of gladiator-styled armor to make a woman feel both fierce and fashionableat the same time! It features a single-piece dress that has a red skirt and a brown bodice, styled to look like a leather cuirass, the sort that would have been worn (rarely) by gladiators, and embellished by faded gold designs; the waist even features hanging flaps, that were typical features of Roman armor. Also included with the costume is a pair of brown cuffs, to simulate wrist armor. All that needs to be provided is a suitable pair of shoes, and the costume is ready to go. At Halloween, the Gorgeous Gladiator Womens Costume is a great choice to wear: its simple and efficient, and a bit fantastical, so it adds that touch of fantasy that any good costume should feature. Not only is a great costume for costume parties, but its also very nice even if youre just dressing up for the holiday itselfkids after all, arent the only ones who can celebrate Halloween. On its own, though, the costume falters a bit if expected to perform at Roman re-enactments or themed fairs, although a few more choice additions could take this costume from an average fair costume to a fantastic one.

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