Serpentine Goddess Costume

Serpentine Goddess

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You’re sure to freeze guys in their tracks when you wear this sultry Serpentine Goddess Costume. Actually, Medusa wasn’t really a goddess. She was the daughter of primordial gods and, unlike her two sisters, was mortal. In life she was beautiful; after the hero Perseus beheaded her and mounted her head, she became terrible to look at and anyone who saw her head was turned to stone. Complete your look with goddess sandals and gold-tone bangle bracelets.

  • 100% polyester interlock and metallic knit mesh
  • Form-fitting gown has back zipper, flowing fabric strips below knees
  • Gown is poly interlock overlaid w/ shimmering metallic mesh
  • Right shoulder is fabric, left is metallic gold braid
  • Headpiece is bendable rubber-coated metal with an elastic band
  • Headpiece is molded & painted to look like a crown with seven snakes at the top
  • Molded vinyl wrist cuff has elastic bands