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We’re not trying to imply that if you’ll be any less classy if you end up choosing some other flapper costume. It’s just that this Sophisticated Lady Flapper Costume was specially designed to look as ritzy as possible. That’s why the dress has that deep, wine-colored crushed velvet. That’s why it’s trimmed with all that gold braiding and sequined fringe. That’s why you can practically see your reflection in the feathered headband. They’re not just handing out clothes like this on the street!

Nope. You’ve got to send away for them. And if sending away for things isn’t classy, then we’d like to have a word with a few people whose addresses end in dot-com. Because they said for a low, low monthly fee, they’d keep us supplied with a dietary supplement that would make us look and feel great. Vitamin C, they called it. You know, C as in Class. So far, it seems to be working. Our accountants report that the wearing of feather boas and the use of cigarette holders around the office is off the charts! But our team of safety specialists have reported that feather boas are not to be used as jumpropes, and that smoking is still not allowed inside the building. So the jury’s still out.

Anyway, you don’t look like somebody with a deficiency of fanciness! We’re sure that this stylish outfit, inspired by the tasteful appeal of the 1920s, will make a big splash at your next big party or formal social engagement.

  • 100% polyester crushed velvet fabric; 100% nylon braid trim
  • Sleeveless sheath dress has back zipper
  • Hemline & V-neckline edged w/ braid trim; long sequined fringe at hemline
  • Sequined elastic headband has upright feather