Harry Potter - Slytherin Adult Robe

Harry Potter – Slytherin Adult Robe

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Harry Potter - Slytherin Adult Robe

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“And power hungry Slytherin loved those with great ambition.”
It’s always more fun to play the villain.
Didn’t everyone secretly want to be a member of Slytherin after reading the Harry Potter series? Harry Potter fans fed up with seeing the same old Harry and Hermione costumes can go over to the dark side with an outfit that represents Hogwarts’ most cunning and ambitious house, full of students who use any means to achieve their ends. With the Harry Potter – Slytherin Adult Robe, you can dress up as Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, a young Severus Snape, or even Tom Riddle. It’s perfect for a Halloween party or other dress-up event, such as a costume party or sci-fi convention.

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