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Everybody knows that Rapunzel is pretty much the first name in hair. Aside from Samson, who lived at least a thousand years earlier, but probably looked way less fabulous in a dress. And possibly Lady Godiva, who may have been equally fabulous to Rapunzel but, uh, didn’t have an adorable chameleon sidekick. Okay, say the name Rapunzel and pretty much everybody instantly thinks about hair, right? Whereas with Samson and Lady Godiva people generally think about taxidermy and no-frills equestrian performances, respectively.

So you might be wondering why this Women’s Deluxe Rapunzel Costume only comes with a lovely purple dress and matching headband, unless you’ve already got lengthy locks like one of our favorite heroines. In that case, you understand why it would be important to focus most of the costume-design budget on creating a great-looking pastel bodice with puffy shoulder pieces and sheer elbow-length sleeves. And what would the outfit be without that delightful vine-like floral pattern on the skirt? You don’t just magically find a great-looking outfit like this growing by itself on the edge of the woods, in just the spot where a drop of liquid sunshine fell from the sky! Well, not every day, anyway.

It just seems unreasonable to assume that only people with bobs or pixie cuts would be interested in this costume, and unfair to say that they should have to stay locked up in the tower. So it’s up to you to supply Rapunzel’s signature hair, whether you come by it naturally or want to choose your own fairy-tale hairpiece!

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